Image Name MRP Selling Price Total Amount Quantity
5` Lakshmi Deluxe Rs.132  Rs.27
4` Lakshmi Mega Deluxe Rs.117  Rs.23.4
4` Gold Lakshmi Deluxe Rs.108  Rs.21.3
4` Lakshmi Deluxe Rs.97.5  Rs.18
4` Lakshmi Rs.59.5  Rs.10.8
3.5` Lakshmi Rs.43.5  Rs.8.7
2 3/4` Kuruvi Rs.25.8  Rs.5.2
2 Sound Crackers Rs.91  Rs.18
28 Chorsa Rs.52  Rs.10.4
56 Chorsa Rs.104  Rs.20.8
28 Giant Rs.73  Rs.14
56 Giant Rs.146  Rs.28
24 Deluxe Rs.123  Rs.24
50 Deluxe Rs.338  Rs.57.2
100 Deluxe Rs.676  Rs.118
100 Wala Rs.156  Rs.27
200 Wala Rs.312  Rs.54
300 Wala Rs.498  Rs.87
600 Wala Rs.650  Rs.136
1000 Wala Rs.975  Rs.195
2000 Wala Rs.1950  Rs.390
3000 Wala Rs.2925  Rs.585
5000 Wala Rs.4875  Rs.950
10000 Wala Rs.9750  Rs.1900
Red Bijili Rs.117  Rs.24
Stripped Bijili Rs.140  Rs.27
Bullet Bomb Rs.78  Rs.15
Atom Bomb Rs.136  Rs.24
Hydro Bomb Rs.189  Rs.37
King of King Rs.240  Rs.46
Classic Bomb Rs.297  Rs.59
Agni Bomb Rs.617  Rs.118
Ground Chakkar Big (10 pcs) Rs.104  Rs.19
Ground Chakkar Big (25pcs) Rs.235  Rs.46
Ground Chakkar Asoka Rs.136  Rs.27
Ground Chakkar Special Rs.195  Rs.37
Ground Chakkar Deluxe Rs.410  Rs.78
Flower Pots Small Rs.144  Rs.24
Flower Pots Big Rs.166  Rs.32
Flower Pots Special Rs.227  Rs.42
Flower Pots Asoka Rs.294  Rs.59
Flower Pots Deluxe Rs.456  Rs.90
Flower Pots Color Koti Rs.627  Rs.123
Tri Color Fountain Rs.806  Rs.162
Mothers Flowerpots Big Rs.234  Rs.46
Mothers Flowerpots Special Rs.312  Rs.63
Mothers Flowerpots Asoka Rs.564  Rs.113
Mothers Golden Deluxe (10pcs) Rs.1092  Rs.216
Mothers Color Pots (5pcs) Rs.546  Rs.108
Mothers Lucky (Red & Green) Rs.405  Rs.82
Baby Rocket Rs.110  Rs.21
Lunik Rocket Rs.370  Rs.72
2 Sound Rocket Rs.480  Rs.91
Whistling Rocket Rs.510  Rs.82
1.5' Twinkling Star Rs.64  Rs.12
4' Twinkling Star Rs.176  Rs.33
Butter Fly Rs.312  Rs.59
Chit Put Rs.87  Rs.16
Shower Rs.294  Rs.55
Ben 10 Pencil (3 pcs) Rs.297  Rs.55
Sky Shot Rs.360  Rs.72
Asarafi Small Rs.165  Rs.32
Asarafi Big Rs.135  Rs.27
Ganga Jamuna Rs.270  Rs.54
Peacock Dance Rs.554  Rs.99
Siren Big Rs.618  Rs.114
Holi Fountain Rs.495  Rs.90
Kinder Joy Fountain Rs.880  Rs.172
Welcome Shot Rs.442  Rs.82
Wounder Tree Rs.540  Rs.105
Rainy Shiney Rs.604  Rs.118
Crackling King Rs.565  Rs.108
Magic Butterfly Fountain Rs.570  Rs.109
Red Sun Fountain Rs.570  Rs.109
King Star Rs.1140  Rs.216
Photo Flash Rs.294  Rs.55
Chotta Fancy Rs.227  Rs.45
3 Pcs Fancy Rs.1072  Rs.210
2' Fancy Pipe Rs.495  Rs.99
3' Fancy Pipe Rs.870  Rs.172
3 1/2' Fancy Pipe Rs.975  Rs.195
3 1/2' Double Ball Fancy Pipe Rs.1560  Rs.270
4' Fancy Pipe Rs.1690  Rs.294
12 Shot Rs.570  Rs.114
30 Shot Rs.1475  Rs.295
60 Shot Rs.2950  Rs.590
120 Shot Rs.5900  Rs.1180
240 Shot Rs.11800  Rs.2360
7 cm Electric Sarklers Rs.27  Rs.5.4
7 cm Color Sparklers Rs.32  Rs.6.4
7 cm Green Sparklers Rs.37  Rs.7.4
7 cm Red Sparklers Rs.42  Rs.8.2
10 cm Electric Sparklers Rs.55  Rs.11
10 cm Color Sparklers Rs.60  Rs.12
10 cm Green Sparklers Rs.66  Rs.13
10 cm Red Sparklers Rs.72  Rs.14
12 cm Electric Sparklers Rs.84  Rs.16.5
12 cm Color Sparklers Rs.95  Rs.18.5
12 cm Green Sparklers Rs.104  Rs.19.5
12 cm Red Sparklers Rs.109  Rs.21
15 cm Electric Sparklers Rs.135  Rs.27
15 cm Color Sparklers Rs.145  Rs.29
15 cm Green Sparklers Rs.155  Rs.31
15 cm Red Sparklers Rs.165  Rs.33
30 cm Electric Sparklers Rs.135  Rs.27
30 cm Color Sparklers Rs.145  Rs.29
30 cm Green Sparklers Rs.155  Rs.31
30 cm Red Sparklers Rs.165  Rs.33
50 cm Sparklers Rs.595  Rs.118
Bomb Rocket Rs.169  Rs.32

   Total :

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