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Balaganapathy fireworks have been in the firecracker business since 2005. It was started with the objective of providing quality firecrackers to the people of Tamil Nadu at affordable prices. Our company has been providing quality crackers to customers at low prices since its inception. Our first objective is to satisfy the customer. Every year new types of crackers are introduced to the customers. We provide a variety of crackers including single and multi-sound crackers, sparklers, flower pots, twinkling stars, pencils, fancy rockets, aerial and fancy fireworks, fancy whistling varieties, amorces, garlands, atom crackers, and electric crackers.

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As per 2018 supreme court order, online sale of firecrackers are not permitted! We value our customers and at the same time, respect jurisdiction. We request you to add your products to the cart and submit the required crackers through the enquiry button. We will contact you within 24 hrs and confirm the order through WhatsApp or phone call. Please add and submit your enquiries and enjoy your Diwali. Balaganapthy Fireworks as a company following 100% legal & statutory compliances and all our shops, go-downs are maintained as per the explosive acts. We send the parcels through registered and legal transport service providers as like every other major companies in Sivakasi is doing so.